Sweetly snarky lyrics, bright guitar riffs, and a new starry-eyed direction from alternative rock duo Diet Cig can be found on their track “Who Are You.” The newest single off their upcoming album sounds like the bittersweet feeling of loudly singing alone in your bedroom while thinking through what someone said — but now you’re mad about what went down (and you definitely have the right to be).

“‘Who Are You?’ is for anyone who’s ever received a completely self-serving apology from someone who’s hurt them,” the band said in a statement. “I learned that healing doesn’t wait for an ‘I’m sorry’ to appear, and it can feel silly to have one arrive when you’re completely over it. This song takes these bad feelings and turns them into a fun upbeat jam to dance around in your kitchen to!”

The song is slated as the second track off their upcoming album, Do You Wonder About Me? releasing May 1 through Frenchkiss Records. Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman worked on their sophomore album over the course of a year in their practice space, in contrast to how the two used to test out material on stage. The three singles they’ve put out so far from the new record certainly give off the impression of a more calculated creative approach, in addition to a more pop than punk sound from Diet Cig. 

Coming three years after their debut album Swear I’m Good at This, the record was described by a press release as a “gleaming new direction” for the duo. “Who Are You” matches the description; the bubbly song feels more like indie-pop, with toned down instrumentals highlighting Alex Luciano’s pleasant vocals through a sugary screw-you chorus, “Who are you to say I’m sorry, when— / We both know, you’d do it all over again?” The song’s relatable lyrics “I’m tired of empty promises/I can’t take any more of this,” are perfect for yelling in your car with some friends in tow. We’re looking forward to hearing what this new direction looks like for Diet Cig. 

Look out for Do You Wonder About Me? releasing May 1!