Self-described fairy born from a flower, Toronto musician Luna Li released her latest single “Afterglow” on April 10. She sort of is a fairy — the softly sad, sparkly tune sounds magical, gracefully capturing the mixed emotions that come with the heartbreaking acceptance of needing to let something go. 

Hannah Bussiere’s soothing voice gently guides the listener through a tragically romantic journey of reflecting on a love that wasn’t meant to be. The melody winds beautifully, and the violin adds a satisfyingly distinctive touch to the song. Her confidence is clear from the first few lyrics as she speaks from the present, “You never believed me/When I told you I’m a fairy,” in contrast to thinking back to how she acted in the past, “I spoke all the words that you said/Don’t tell me your lovin’ is dead.”

The song appears to be unrelated to a larger project. Multi-instrumentalist Luna Li has put out a string of singles within the last three years, and has taken on a much more mellow tone in comparison to the more indie-rock sounds of her last and only full project, Opal Angel. Both are great in their own right, but the unique sound of “Afterglow” feels a tad more intentional. 

The dreamy song is an easy-add to any playlist. We’ll be adding it to ours, and looking forward to more from Luna Li.