Kali Uchis’ newest release, TO FEEL ALIVE, is a blessing I did not know I needed. The EP combines the sweet, light, and melodic feel of Por Vida, with the confident and powerful lyrical themes of Isolation. 

I’ve listened to TO FEEL ALIVE in order countless times, and appreciate the nearly seamless transitions from song to song. The EP contains two parts, a dream state and waking state. The first two songs, which make up the dream state, are characterized by a lighter, more heavenly tone and the lyrical composition of love songs. The final two songs deviate from this utopian vibe and move towards more negative emotions.

The first two songs are my favorite part of this release, because they feel like love songs, and it’s upbeat sound reminds me of my favorite Kali album, Por Vida. TO FEEL ALIVE starts with “honey baby (SPOILED!)”, which sets a dreamlike trance for the rest of the EP by describing a romantic lover who seems to understand just what their partner wants and needs. Up next is “angel,” which has one of my favorite lines from any song right now, “You’re like a drug, can I be your Pablo Escobar? / Take you across the borders, reach me on my cellular.” This song continues the love story from “honey baby (SPOILED!)”, but expresses a more passionate love from the change in tempo.

As the EP comes to a close, Kali breaks from the dream state starting with the song “i want war (BUT I NEED PEACE),” where she speaks on the chaotic aspects of loving relationships. The last song of this release (for which the album is named) finally wakes the listener from the dream state as Kali repeats “I just wanna feel somethin’.”

TO FEEL ALIVE is another success story from Kali Uchis, but feels more heartfelt and personal considering it was written, produced, and performed by Kali herself. Her next album is in the works now, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Whether you’ve been a Kali Uchis fan since Por Vida or you’ve only heard a handful of songs, STREAM TO FEEL ALIVE

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