Welcome to Leisure World, The latest album from singer-songwriter Tyler Blue Broderick of Diners. Released last Friday, the album is full of easy-breezy tunes that pull from the best aspects of early pop music while throwing in vibrant synth and saxophone, all coming together to spin out Tyler’s creative take on indie-pop. 

Listening to the buoyant and relaxing melodies on Leisure World evokes the feeling of fondly remembering simple good times. The title track leads the album with a short, whimsical instrumental that’s like delicately floating above the planet, waiting to enter Tyler’s wonderful world of, well, leisure. After the pleasant introduction, we touch down with “Think on this Feeling,” a playful, whirling song about getting stood up by a date. Broderick’s carefree voice nonchalantly sings “Only I can satisfy my own heart,” painting a picture of a charming rejection scene you might see in a movie. It almost makes me look forward to the next date that rejects me so I can just let out a sigh and sing along. After all, it’s just a bit of character development before it all works out (right?).

The previously released single “Cup of Coffee” is definitely a high point on the album. The upbeat, jazzy song shows off Tyler’s characteristic voice, and feels a bit reminiscent of their most popular song “Fifteen on a Skateboard.” The song captures the feeling of a bright, sunny morning, and the straightforward lyrics, “One cup of coffee in the morning / Once was enough to get me going,” make for a great, chill song.

One of my favorites off Leisure World is honestly “Big Moon.” The hazy song talks of dreaming of a kiss you can’t have, a love that isn’t yours, that’s making you so sad  it’s turning you into something you’re not. Tyler compares the transformation to that of becoming a werewolf, asking over and over “Big moon, what are you doing to me?” The track is short and sweet, lasting only a minute and a half. I can’t get enough of the chorus, so I let it loop a few times when I listen. I can’t help but wonder how much more of a jam it would be if it were a bit longer. Regardless of my longing for an extended “Big Moon,” Leisure World is a well-crafted album that manages to make an eclectic collection feel cohesive, and is easily an album you can let play the whole way through. 

Optimistic and lively, Tyler rolls with the punches to make the best of it all. Their jazzy indie-pop tunes make me want to sit in the grass on a warm, windy spring day and listen in while taking note of the little things. Leisure World is full of catchy, chill songs to get you through it all, and I pinky promise it’ll put you in a better mood than you’re in right now — so go stream it!