Song, released May 1

Something has enraged ARCA and fans are shaking in excitement. She released a new single “Nonbinary” off of her upcoming album KiCK i and it allows us to hear the Venezuelan artist more defiant than ever. The track undoubtedly swells its chest in its grimy, industrial production but contrary to past releases, ARCA lets her intoxicating lyrics take

the spotlight. With aggressive lines oozing with both ferocity and confidence, it’s almost as she has strapped you to a bed and is spitting these words down at you with one foot crushing your chest. With this single, ARCA has once again proven to the world that while humans are constantly undergoing a metamorphosis to fit their ever-expanding identities, it is possible to relish in the glory and brilliance of the current state of your identity. Make sure to check out the futuristic, Birth of Venus-inspired music video; it’s definitely not one to miss.

“My Best Friend (feat. Coach Party)”

Alfie Templeman

Song, released April 27

The youth are rising to expand the future’s musical pathways and Alfie Templeman is at the forefront of their charge. With his new single “My New Best Friend” featuring Chess club labelmate Jess Eastwood of the band Coach Party, he once again caters to the

ever-growing demand of the light-hearted bedroom pop sound. This time, Alfie tackles the prominent presence of sadness in our lives and promotes a cheerful message of befriending the emotion and learning how to appreciate the numerous experiences it opens for you. The Bedfordshire singer also surprised us with the sound of good news. He has announced a forthcoming six-track EP titled Happiness in Liquid Form (after his single by the same name) on his social media and its release date of July 15th. With this upcoming addition to his stellar catalog, Alfie makes sure to prepare your sense before he claims his role as a rising indie popstar.

New Conditions


EP, released May 1

Irish indie musician April has finally released an EP consisting of two previously released tracks and two brand new songs and it’s stellar. I had found April on Soundcloud where she had uploaded her cover of James Blake’s “I’ll Come Too” and immediately fell in love with her airy voice and dreamy production. She went on to release

self-made creations like “New Conditions” and “The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete,” furthering reinstating her potential as indie pop’s newest rising star. This New Conditions EP is her first body of work and its release hopefully hints at an in-the-works studio album. With colorful and youthful sounds to fit the everyday life of the modern-day teenager, April is leaving undeniable footprints in the bedroom pop genre and I can’t wait to hear her future musical endeavors.


Future, Drake, Young Thug

Song, released May 1

By no means am I a huge Drake fan. While I have enjoyed a couple of cuts from his recent works, I haven’t enjoyed a full Drake project since 2015’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late. So, when the Toronto rapper released a surprise mixtape this Friday titled Dark Lane Demo Tapes, the project quickly muddled into the background of all recently released

music. However, when I finally got to listen to this project, a collaboration track with fellow trap moguls Future and Young Thug quickly captivated my attention. The hard-hitting trap instrumental immediately demanded attention and all-around enthralling verse of all three rappers combined to form one of Drake’s best rap songs in recent years. Adding to this addicting sound, piercing adlibs from both Young Thug and Future flew around the entire track, creating what one can call a trap rap fan’s dream come true. (While I don’t enjoy trap too much, I can’t tell you how many times I replayed Future’s verse filled with all the aggressive brrrrrrr-s…) Personally, D4L has squeezed into one of the top spots as Future and Drake’s best collaborative track and the clever addition of Atlanta’s Young Thug only helps elevate the track.