Moses Sumney

Double Album, released May 15

After releasing the breathtaking first part of his second studio album græ in late February, Moses Sumney finally completes his bipartite puzzle with the release of the final segment of his sophomore effort. When I first heard the very first single off of this project “Virile” back in November of 2019, it was

explosive, raw, and full of masculine power: a complete 180 shift from his intimate and delicate catalog. The first part of græ secured this theme of power and vehement passion with songs like “Conveyor” and my personal favorite, “Colouour.” However, the second part of græ goes back to Sumney’s intimate production and reveals the insular and emotive dimension to this project. græ takes two contrasting ideas, tears them open, and reveals the beauty of what lies in between. It is by far one of my favorite releases of 2020 thus far and I implore everyone to go give it an honest listen.

Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

Perfume Genius

Album, released May 15

This week is a huge win for Perfume Genius fans as the contemporary indie artist made a triumphant return with Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, a beguiling project with a frantic urgency found in its title. The fifth addition to the Seattle native’s musical collection

displays his joy and power in a world that is burning at its edged. With dance anthems like “On the Floor” and fatalistic cuts like “Borrowed Light,” Perfume Genius further explores the emotional binary of the sunbeam joy that comes only from the fleeting nature of human emotions and the bone-crushing heaviness brought by deep and guttural sadness. As one of my favorite modern writer and poet Ocean Vuong writes about this album, “If sound is, after all, a negotiation/disruption of time, then in the soft storm of Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, the future is here. Because it was always here. Welcome home.”

Welcome home indeed.

“Pictures of You”


Song, released May 13

PREP is finally back! The quintuplet band comprised of a hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ, and a songwriter have released a funky new single that brings a revitalizing energy to its listeners. I’ve been following PREP due to their odd but satisfying collaboration with Seoul-based artists

such as R&B crooner Dean and avant-garde guitarist So!YoON!, and I haven’t been disappointed with any of their releases. The reason why I think this track works is it follows the PREP formula: a funky instrumental that anyone can dance to mixed with an irresistible hook. If you’re looking for something to dance to this week, give “Pictures of You” a listen!