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This week’s Our Sunday Best is an appreciation post for all of the great R&B and soul music coming out lately. As a Korean-American, I’ve been listening to a lot of music from the motherland and I’ve highlighted some that I think you all will like below. Also, I added a new feature to the Sunday Best series, so read on below to find out what that may be!

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I Can’t Tell You Everything


EP, released May 18

Genre: R&B/Soul

The spring songstress is back! When spring flowers are starting to bloom outside, you can be sure that Korean singer/songwriter Cheeze is cooking a

perfect soundtrack to match the new season. With her newest release, she transforms spring’s warm zephyrs and pink sunshine into a colorful and airy EP that is enjoyable to all. I’ve been listening to I Can’t Tell You Everything every time I take a nice nature walk or bike ride and the bright combination of both weather and music helps me really soak up the essence of spring. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the romance only the spring season can bring with this new EP!


“Open Up”


Single, released May 22

Genre: R&B/Soul

Seattle native UMI has returned with a second single off of her forthcoming Introspection EP. As a Washingtonian, I’ve frequently heard of UMI through the grapevine in the Seattle scenery, but never had much of a pressing

inclination to listen to her discography. This new single is the first cut of hers that I had listened to and it was a fresh introduction into her artistry. The smooth and sultry sound used by many current R&B artists is laid as a foundation as her intimate and introspective lyrics and vocals decorate the single. This single is a well-crafted continuation of her sound and with this song now stuck in both my mind and music library, I can now call myself a fan of UMI.



“SHIFT+CTRL+T” is a new feature to the Sunday Best series where I will highlight an amazing release (or two) that I missed out on last week. Music selections highlighted in this segment were so captivating that I could not skip over them and had to “reopen my recently closed tab” to share with you all :))

I hope you enjoy this “SHIFT+CTRL+T” and look foward to all of its future siblings!


Samuel Seo

EP, released May 11

Genre: R&B/Soul

As a big fan of Samuel Seo, I’m shocked that I missed his newest release: a five-song EP titled D I A L that plays just under 15 minutes. A Magic Strawberry Sound labelmate to Cheeze, Samuel is a pioneering artist in Korea’s R&B field,

winning the “Best R&B & Soul Album” award at the Korean Music Awards in both 2016 and 2020. And with D I A L, he continues to flexes his artistry in a fun and bright display of music in a victory lap-style. With bubbly, hip-hop infusions like “GAE NA RI” and soft nightlife grooves like “DAMN THINGS”, this EP is a must-play at any vacation this summer. D I A L is just a mouthwatering appetite to the greater platter Samuel Seo brings with his catalog and I can’t wait to hear more of his upcoming endeavors.