An infectious indie pop rock track that is exactly everything you’d want in a summer anthem, “Summer” is the latest release from self-described thought-thinker and noisemaker Simpson. The smooth-groove song showcases Simpson’s mesmerizing and nearly androgynous-sounding vocals, while her nonchalant lyrics float over a polished, upbeat melody. 

The Virginia-based rock-rapper recommends her music calls for being listened to loudly, and I definitely suggest listening to this advice. With bright guitar riffs, a whirling melody, and catchy lyrics that bring you right to those perfect summer days, it’s hard not to throw the track on repeat at full blast. There is a touch of sweet, purposeful emptiness in the simplicity of the lyrics — there’s always something hazy and nearly dream-like in remembering and experiencing every summer. Simpson captures that feeling through uncomplicated lyrics to sing along with that bounce between a collection of plans, memories and emotions that come along with the season.

Simpson made a post on her Instagram about the release, describing what the song means to her in the caption: 

Summer is so much more than a song about the summer

Summer is about bottling escaping nostalgia

being present

being flung into the afterthought of the future

It’s sarcastic

It’s cheeky

It kisses your forehead

Summer sees you, remembers, you, and doesn’t forget you

Summer is what you were looking forward to that ended up letting you down but you were so fucked on it exceeding expectations you didn’t even realize it

Summer is a person

summer is a place

summer is a thing

summer is a feeling

if it is the song of your summer

thank you

Reading the caption, it’s easy to see how much the track means to her. I immediately felt more deeply connected to the song; as someone that experiences seasonal depression, summer means so much to me because it’s the time of the year I feel alive. It’s a time of being awake, fully-present and living through new experiences and lessons, a sentiment I could feel in the bumping beat. Go give the track a listen — I can pretty much guarantee it’ll end up on your summer playlist.