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I hope you have been staying safe and taking care of yourself during these unprecedented times. My world has been shaken up during the last month and fell into a period where I put everything in my life on pause, which included this series. With that, I wanted to apologize for the absence of new “Our Sunday bests” pieces and promise to work hard and produce more quality work!! To anyone who has taken their time to check out this series: THANK YOU! New music is waiting to be discovered every week and I’m so glad I get to highlight some of my favorites to you. 

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THAMA releases "Do It For Love" double single and music video

“Do It For Love (feat. george)”


Single, released June 24

Genre: R&B/Soul

R&B’s THAMA has been on my radar ever since his Pre EP back in 2019 and steady inflow of guest appearances in the works of Korea’s top musicians. His latest double single “Do It For Love” has THAMA returning to the Korean R&B scene with not one, but two (!) smooth tracks, with guest appearances from upcoming rapper Choi LB and fellow R&B starlet george.

As for the title track “Do It For Love,” THAMA reunites with george and their fantastic chemistry once again highlights what each artist does best: sing their hearts out. With a simple, groove-filled beat, THAMA is able to display his artistry on a fun new track that anyone can bop their heads to. I’m very excited about this new single from THAMA and am looking forward to a longer release possibly this summer.



Demian Profile (Updated!)



Single, released June 24

Genre: Korean Pop

A fresh, new face in the Korean pop genre, DEMIAN had his career debut only three months ago but is already impressing fans with promising star qualities. With his first single “Cassette” garnering almost two million Spotify streams, the KPOP rookie is demanding close attention from both the Korean public and international fans. With his second release, DEMIAN approaches a summer club sound combined with light-sailing vocal work.

I was introduced to DEMIAN by a friend only a couple of days before “Karma” dropped, and I’m glad I did. As someone who pays close attention to album covers, I was immediately drawn into the lush coloration of this single’s artwork. “Karma” sounds exactly like the colors on its cover art: a gentle yet fluorescent pink gleaming over icy iridescent streamers.