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This week, I was able to listen to new music from uprising singers in the R&B and soul genre, a personal favorite of mine. The artists featured below are making pretty sizable waves in Korea and I would love to share them with you before they’re taken by the spotlight! Get into them now, so that you can brag to your friends that you’ve been listening to these artists waaaaay before they were on everyone’s playlists. Trust me, it’s the small wins like these that counts!

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I'm good at goodbyes," says BIBI in new single

“I’m Good At Goodbyes”


Single, released July 10th

Genre: R&B/Soul

Feel Ghood Music’s BIBI battles heartbreak and desolate separation from a loved one on her newest single, “I’m Good At Goodbyes.” Accompanied by long, beautiful synths, a simple yet enticing piano performance sets the mellow aura to the track’s instrumental. BIBI’s emotion-packed lyrics are contradicted with her effortless vocal work, revealing her somber and surrendered state after losing grasp of a loved one.

The song is also a part of the humanitarian “Feel Ghood Jams” series, a charity project made by Feel Ghood to help. All of the proceeds from this newest single will be donated to the continuous fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, following the footsteps of the rest of the series’s catalog.

Even without a proper studio album to her name, BIBI continues to stir up the Korean R&B scene with her euphonious and whimsical voice color. Alongside the faithful support from her labelmates/mentors and her undenaible vocal talent, I believe that she’ll create even a stronger presence with her music and I’m excited to join her on her journey as a fan.



oceanfromtheblue drops "a-side: 90s kids never get old"

a-side: 90s kids never get old


Double Single, released July 10th

Genre: R&B/Soul

Here’s a question: is the ocean from the blue? In the words of singer oceanfromtheblue, it most definitely is! With a murky and abyssal R&B sound reminiscent of the deep ocean, the Korean singer is known for his melancholic aura and emotion-piercing lyrics. However, with this new double single a-side: 90s kids never get old, oceanfromtheblue not only goes in retrogradation to the light and bubbly sound from the 90s’, but he also adopts an upbeat, sunshine-like vibe contrasting his darker sound.

The singles off this pre-album release allude to a more pleasant and carefree in oceanfromtheblue’s life: his childhood in the 1990’s. Using youthful and innocence-churning terms such as “girl” and “ice cream” as song titles, it seems the singer is really pushing the boundaries of his typical musical genre and mood. This is reflected in the estival essence of the songs, with “girl” taking on a popular frisky R&B/trap sound with the help of voguish rapper BLOO and “ice cream” building into a perfect windows-down track with a buoyant tempo filled with retro synth waves.

On his Instagram post revealing his new singles and forthcoming album, oceanfromtheblue wrote:

“This summer project is the self-portraits of those born in the ’90s who went through the ever-changing turn of the century. They have long considered the early 2000’s urban R&B vibes and the past images of the city pop in the ’80s with which they fell in love in their puberty to exquisitely sketch a modern but somewhat nostalgic sensibility in oceanfromtheblue’s colors. Hopefully, everyone who listens to this music can share their joy. Thank you always.”

Make sure to check out the rest of oceanfromtheblue’s catalog and the b-side of 90s kids never get old on August 20th!