Hello Woozy World!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful midsummer season this year. Saying farewell to July never fails to shock me as I realized half of the summer has already flown by! I hope even amidst this pandemic and societal rebuilding, you all found time to grow and enjoy the wonders July brought into our lives. As August presses its round face on our life’s windowpane, let’s take a moment to evaluate what it is you want to achieve, whether big or small, during the last month of this summer season. Warm days are ahead of us, folks, and no matter where you are, I hope that music is warming your souls just like the passionate summer sun shining down on our brown bodies.

P.S. Look out for a new CTRL+ALT+T in this issue!

Basking under kind sunlight,

Grizzly - Homework - KKBOX




Single, released July 31st

Genre: R&B/Soul

Korean R&B singer Grizzly reveals a snippet of his quarantine recording sessions with his newest single “Homework.” A light-hearted soft rock/R&B track, “Homework” brings healing and excitement into the otherwise restrictive quarantine season.

Grizzly is one of the newer R&B artists I’ve discovered and his youthful yet wise presence in his discography quickly drew me into his music. After being spotlighted by one of Korea’s spearheading R&B artists Crush on the 2018 SBS show ‘THE FAN’, Grizzly suddenly went from the background producer and composer for larger artists to an “on-the-rise” musicians with an ever-growing fan base. With “Homework”, it feels as if Grizzly is taking a small victory lap after releasing both a 12-track studio album and 8-track EP alongside a handful of singles.

Working with a diverse crowd of musicians, extending from moody Korean indie singer Soma to vivid K-POP starlet CHUNG HA, Grizzly is set to make an even larger name for himself by the end of this year. If you are a fan of ambient R&B music, make sure to give this aspiring musician a listen!




Lofibaby - Art Museum - KKBOX


Art Museum


Album, released July 23rd

Genre: R&B/Soul, Electronic

With their debut studio album, Korean producer/singer duo Lofibaby become your musical docents in their Art Museum, a plain complete with lush and ethereal euphony that strikes listeners with surrealistic awe. The duo made a resonating footprint with this project, wonderfully displaying member ZO’s wizardry in industrial electronic and member SAY’s elegant gossamer of a voice.

During my first listen, I was simultaneously ecstatic and motionless at the beautiful composition of this album. The instrumentals on this project are delicate and dramatic: the throbbing bristling of the warehouse production perfectly translated into an empyreal composition of sound, true to the album’s museum namesake. In addition, the vocal performance on Art Museum brought the project to new emotional heights by carrying both melancholia and melodrama to each track.

This is a project truly worthy of its name. Art Museum provides a truly cohesive and graphic listening experience that will transport its listeners directly to the cold white marble floorings of a grandiose art museum. This debut album from Lofibaby truly amazed me and I recommend Art Museum to anyone wanting to experience such a new, idiosyncratic musical experience.