Philadelphia’s four-piece indie-rock outfit Highnoon adds two new tracks to their 2019 debut record Semi Sweet for the release of their new limited-edition cassette via Oof Records. The two new tracks, “Train Home” and “Moon River,” offer a sweet melodic addition to the album that compliments the original first nine songs.

“Train Home” is a purely instrumental track featuring a gentle guitar. With the absence of vocals on this track, the song induces a soothing serene feeling, encouraging one to just sit back, relax and listen. The second new track, “Moon River,” is a cover of Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River” from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Highnoon adds their unique take. Once again leading with a soft acoustic sound, the lead vocalist, Kennedy Freeman’s alluring voice accompanies the soft strums of the guitar.

Highnoon, originally starting off as Freeman’s solo project, later evolved into the four-piece group we know today, with new members Justin Roth, Nathan Avila and Brendon Simpson. The group draws influences from soft pop and alternative rock, combining to create a soothing sound with electrifying undertones accompanied by intimate lyrics that reflect Freeman’s personal struggles and their journey toward growth and healing.

The two new tracks found exclusively on the cassette edition of the album offers a nice reminiscent touch to Semi Sweet. The group will donate 10% of proceeds from the cassettes to Vamos Juntos, a community-based Latinx Immigrant organization in Philadelphia.


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Photo by Julia Leiby