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I hope you all are settling into August well. As the summer slowly starts to wrap up, I can sense a slew of last-minute summer bops in the horizon. This summer has been more than great in terms of stellar music releases, so I can’t wait to see what kind of music this last month will bring.

Salivating for more music,

BIBI - Dingo X BIBI - she got it - KKBOX


“cigarette and condom”


Single, released August 6th

Genre: R&B/Soul

Korean R&B starlet BIBI makes a fresh return with her collaboration with Korean multi-media platform Dingo Studios, “cigarette and condom.” The single can also be found titled “she got it” on streaming services.

This is the second time BIBI has appeared on this series and with this newest single, she brings a bright and color aura as compared to her solemn and reflective tone in her previous single, “I’m Good At Goodbyes.” The track “cigarette and condom” holds a youthful playfulness in its overall essence, vibing off of its namesake and the melodic trap/R&B fusion beat that sounds in the background. The music video perfectly conceptualized the song with a heightened motif of youth, using imagery of simple yet colorful clothing, flushed skin from playful movement, and colorfully cute stuffed toys that scatter the scenery. The song sounds exactly like the pink and yellow tones found all over the music video, and I strongly believe that both BIBI and Dingo has successfully converted this fun track into an equally fun music video

As for the song’s message and BIBI’s intent for making this single, both Dingo and BIBI’s label Feel Ghood Music had this to say:

“BIBI wants to make honest music. Don’t smoke. Use condoms.”

Be smart and listen to BIBI, y’all!