If you’re feeling a sense of transition right now, Mourning Collective’s new EP, “Summer” is right up your alley. Both tracks were made solely by one-man show, Blake Turner. Self described as Nu-gaze, Turner really immerses himself in the style, showing off a modern mix of illustrative lyrics and an unexpected sound.

Beginning with an intense rhythm that soon loosens up accompanied by drawn out lyrics, “Fangs” the first track, sets you on a ride. The first few lines depict a scene we’ve all felt before, “Cold rain / Over my head / It’s happening again / And I’m spinning in circles,” it’s almost a trance and sense of spiraling all in one. Following this unstable beginning, Turner describes something reminiscent of a 1980s horror flick with phrases like “vampires/ through my window” and “so I’m showing my teeth now/ they’re sharpest after dark”. One can only picture a pivotal scene, a turning point much like one that can be felt throughout this gnarly tune.

Following, “Fangs”, comes the track, “Summer”. This piece reflects the previous track’s composition of loud gritty intro that also calms down, and sounds oh so delightful in the most wicked way. Seen in Turners words, “Summer” feels like more of a reflective jam, making you sit and contemplate about future obstacles. This can definitely be felt when he spouts, “Last to confess / The worst isn’t close to over yet / And we wait for / A sun that never sets.” Our problems never end, and hopefully, neither do Turner’s enchanting melodies.

All in all, “Summer” is a short and sweet EP, leaving you with unresolved feelings and a need for more, but saying everything it needs to in compact lyrics. Mourning Collective’s previous album, “Spring”, gives you the same sentiment. We can’t wait to hear what else Turner has in store for us.