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TABBER - Deep End Mix Tape (cover art)

Deep End Mixtape


EP, released August 13th

Genre: Alternative R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap

Sometimes, all it takes for a musician to captivate you is the pitch of their voice. And sometimes, that pitch can slam into you like a dump truck.

Korean label/collective you.will.knovv, home to alt-RnB singers DEAN and MISO, introduced a fresh, new addition to their label family with Deep End Mixtape, a six-track extend play from Tabber. During my initial listen of this project, I was wholly stunned at the raw, carnal voice that was projected all throughout the tracks. His deep vocal performance is attractively intimidating: it literally tickles in the inside of your ears in the most unsettling yet intimate way. The project shines all throughout its duration with its dark productions and stellar features, but it is ultimately Tabber’s guttural vocal performance that perfects this project. His husky tone sinks under your skin and is guaranteed to send shivers down your back. Whether these shivers are caused by fear or arousal is the question of the week!

The dark, ethereal production on Deep End Music is familiar to the sounds of DEAN’s recent releases with Club Eskimo’s 2xxx!, who closely collaborate with the singer, having a hard reign over this project. The production on Deep End Mixtape even reminds me of Travis Scott’s usage of sinister production in his darkest of songs. However, this is where the similarity ends. While DEAN’s airy, effortless vocals add flushes of bright colors to 2xxx! grimey production, Tabber’s guttural vocals carve sinew and lick cold flesh on the already fear-enticing production. Each song possesses the ability to fit into any horror film with hypnotizing synths and slamming drums mixed over a growl of a bass. The project opens up with songs like “Look at My” and “Devil May Cry” that roots its listeners with their pure menacing sound. However, just when fear starts to sink in, the latter half of the project reveals an intimate and vulnerable side to the evilness. Tabber and DEAN’s collaboration “Honey!” takes a look into the sickly sweetness of late-night liaisons while the project’s closing track, “Runner’s High (Demo),” shows Tabber aimlessly running to reach a lover whose fear has eclipsed their love for him.

Deep End Mixtape is unsettling, erotic, and emotive all in one. This EP sounds of cigarettes, suffocation, and colliding teeth. It is one of the strongest and most cohesive releases I’ve heard this year and its composition and sound are genre-bending, to say the least. This project has toppled many others to place itself as one of my favorite releases of this year. The fact that this EP is only the beginning of Tabber’s career leaves me scared to hear what he comes out with next. Tabber has taken the reigns of the dark, atmospheric sound to an extent that Korea has ever heard before and I can’t wait to hear Deep End Mixtape‘s influence in Korea’s musical landscape.

A teaser snippet and look into Tabber’s Deep End Mixtape

THAMA releases "LAND" double single featuring nafla

Land – Single


Double Single, released August 13th

Genre: R&B/Soul

Amoeba Culture’s THAMA has returned with two new summer singles titled “Land” and “Wait,” the former being accompanied by MKIT RAIN’s nafla. This song package is jam-packed with tropical instrumentals and heavenly vocal work from THAMA, making a perfect harmony of lush vibes.

Every one of THAMA’s singles dropped this year have been delicious and I hope these recent releases signal to a long-waited album dropping later this year. THAMA is one of Korea’s under-rated R&B singers and I would love to see his debut album placing on the map for the general Korean public.

Like the collection of orange rocks in the cover art, I’m going to listen to these singles tanning under the last bit of the summer sun. Make sure to check out “Land” and “Wait” along with the rest of THAMA’s stellar discography!