After nearly two years of evolution, Nashville native Carmen Canedo releases her new album, Know It All. Bringing forth soul-lifting sentiments – each song unfolds as a memento, highlighting how Carmen felt or who she saw herself as when she wrote them. Accompanied by several talented Nashville musicians, Canedo crafts tender, evocative lyricism, depicting scenes of vulnerability, heartbreak and nostalgia that we all can relate to – whether we realize it or not. Know It All begs you to acknowledge your own past triumphs and tribulations, the memories you hold onto that define you. With fluid fingerpicking and soft acoustic rifts, Know It All will gracefully rock you to your core. 

Canedo’s soothing folk melodies reel you in as she uncovers the beauty in our inner struggles – or even the agony of unexpected change, the deep reflections that we all must confront with ourselves at some point in time. Her delicate vocal prowess glides over the album’s dynamic instrumentation; like gentle lullabies before bed, her voice drapes you in warmth as you reminisce with her.

Released just last week, this ten track collection opens with “Morrow”, one of my favorites from the album. Elegantly she sings, “Climb the roof of Morrow with two girls I didn’t quite know/ In pursuit of stars I saw when I was back home / The night was an answer and an echo,” unraveling moments of uneasiness while in college, sharing the anxiety we all feel in a new environment – away from home longing for solace. While “August” featuring Lily Ophelia echoes “relax / heal your wounds / take time, heal your wounds,” striking at the inevitable human nature within us all to heal emotionally, spiritually or even mentally — the almost pitch-perfect sounds echo throughout the vacant spaces in your mind.

Her two original singles “Vectors” and “How Can I Know You” that appear on the album offer vivid insight into the simplicities of life itself. A special kind of connective love presents itself, one that will never escape her mind. Carmen emphasizes in “Ocean I Swam” the realization of her own personal growth across time, that “I am not where I began”; the song’s title offers a visual metaphor so indicative of her upbringing and journey to where she is now. 

She concludes her album with “Last Week,” another favorite of mine, telling a poetic story of uncontrolled inhibition and the journey to self-discovery while alone. I absolutely love her willingness to be vulnerable in her work, to reflect on life and then grow from difficult moments. In collaboration with Oof Records, Know It all will have you wandering throughout your subconscious joyously fearful but willingly. This is something truly unique about Know It All and I highly recommend you go stream it now!