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Congratulations for finishing the final week of August! How time flies, even I just realized that my summer has finally come to an end while writing this week’s OSB article. I hope that summer 2020 was a great experience for everyone even with all of the ginormous hurdles we had in our way (cough, cough, COVID) and that you all are able to complete any unfinished bucket-list goals or plans before seamlessly transiting into the new season. As autumn slowly starts to peek around the corner, I’m excited to jump into this new seasonal change with all of you!

Arms stretched wide,

E SENS(이센스) - 비행 (듣기/가사)

Marigold Tapes

E Sens

EP, released August 27th

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Legendary Korean hip-hop artist E Sens has returned with an official EP release of his famous Anecdote album’s b-cut tracks with Marigold Tapes. To celebrate the former album’s 5-year anniversary, the Korean rapper has gathered a collection of tracks that were recorded during the Anecdote recording session and uploaded to his Soundcloud page for an official public release. E Sens fans who have been scouring the Internet to listening to stand-out tracks such as “flight” and “shige” can finally hop onto their favorite streaming service platform to listen hassle-free.

This EP is only composed of four songs, but each track holds a long history of the rapper’s journey from his beginnings in the Korean underground rap scene to his 2013 marijuana scandal and imprisonment to finally his post-incarceration activity as a solo artist. Marigold Tapes is a fan-service release from E Sens, as he thanks all of his fans for supporting him throughout his long, labyrinthine career journey.