This past Saturday, Angelala, Nae, and Ava Lake teamed up for an epic virtual show via Bonfire. During this “Electric Femme” show, they took turns performing live, occasionally stopping to answer questions from fans. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for performers, many of whom are adjusting to virtual shows. Electric Femme made this transition almost seamlessly — making it easy to forget that this was their first show together. It was clear that each member of the trio went the extra mile to make this show special, complete with intro and transition music, colorful lights, and video effects. To make this all possible, Chicago artist, Nae, performed from REB records studio, while Ava Lake and Angelala set up within their homes. New York’s Angelala, tells us she borrowed equipment from a friend to turn her living room into a stage.

The show was not only visually stimulating and sharp, it was also entertaining, fun to watch, and an impressive culmination of talent. Although each artist is connected by their incorporation of techno elements, the show was intentionally eclectic, juxtaposing Nae’s synth-pop sound, Ava Lakes electronic dance music, and Angelala’s soulful house. I appreciated the variety of tone and genre among the artists and their respective song choices, which gave the show more depth and showcased the talents of each of the  individual artists. I enjoyed the show, even the parts that pushed me out of my musical comfort zone (see the set list below, with my favorite songs indicated with an asterisk).

Electric Femme’s Set-list:

  1. Strip!, Nae
  2. Twisted, Angelala*
  3. Got it all, Ava Lake
  4. Change, Angelala
  5. Sugar pump, Nae*
  6. Club & Roam, Ava Lake*
  7. Get off on ur msgz, Nae
  8. When we are one, Angelala*
  9. Bounce it louder, Ava Lake
  10. Flood my body, Nae
  11. Wash Hands, Ava Lake*
  12. Torture, Angelala
  13. Dacron Duvet, Nae*

One advantage to virtual shows is that it provides us with an opportunity to more easily change the flow of a show and interact with performers. Emceed by Bonfire’s cofounder, Pahel Makhija, the interview portion of Electric Femme was just as much a part of the performance as the concert portion. My favorite part of the Q&A was when someone asked, “What planet are you each broadcasting from?” to which Ava Lake jokingly shared that she was on Mars, despite it taking a while to get there, and Angelala stated sarcastically, “Venus.” At one point I asked, “What have you all been up to these past few months?” and to my delight, everyone said that they’ve been writing a lot of music. Nae also talked a bit about her new live-stream series, “Saturnae.” I can’t wait to see what comes next from Nae, Angelala, and Ava Lake, and as discussed in the show, I’ll be waiting on the song they write together!