In her new single “Feel (Do I Have Anyone?),” NYC-based musician Carly Shea fearlessly evokes the universal emotions spreading through us all; the gravitational pull crippling us and weighing on our chests. Released on Friday, Shea’s soulfully resilient R&B soul meshed with her unique house-inspired pop feel will have you two inches off the ground. It is a conscious tale of isolation, insecurities and struggle, the unbearable weight that our world places on us. What one may come to appreciate most about Carly Shea’s new single is its instrumental depth. It is heartbreakingly sweet to the soul. Shea does not disappoint with her latest track!

The beginning melodies reel you in — feelings of hopelessness yet optimism in the face of insecurity is at the heart of her alternative soul. While her lyricism seems simple and rather melancholic on the surface, when combined with Shea’s comforting vocals “Feel (Do I Have Anyone?)” offers a sanctuary for transcendent emotional expression. Her soulful cries will cast a spell upon you, singing “Can’t stop for long / I’ll get caught up in the stupid stuff I’ve done / Laid bare my insecurities / Each one consuming me / Let me start over” — these lyrics are so connective, highlighting how much we as human beings struggle to free ourselves from the past, from our mistakes and misfortunes. Slightly after the two minute mark, Carly transitions with sharp ferocity, repeating “Careful what they try to take from you.” I believe her lyrics offer an underlying emphasis on the importance of self-awareness, encouraging her listeners to gravitate towards their own sanctuaries within themselves when the time is right. Giving you assurance that no matter how you feel, never let someone or some other entity bring you down.

Carly Shea speaks volume to feeling under pressure, under the weight of the world as she so declares. Her exquisite sounds and alternative soul shine light on the current isolated society we all have surrendered to lately – a universally connective feel. It is personal, genuinely expressive and simply a great track that will not make you feel alone any longer. Go stream “Feel (Do I Have Anyone?)” now, you will not regret it!