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Welcome to September! I recently got a new job near my home and have been working really hard to save some money up for college. School is just around the corner for me, so I’ve been slowly closing my summer shop and preparing to jump into a new academic year. Kudos to all of the students adventuring through Zoom calls and other virtual platforms to pursue their education!

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SKY-HI - Sexual Healing - KKBOX

“Sexual Healing”


Single, released September 11th

Genre: Japanese Hip-Hop/Rap

In promotion of his upcoming collaborations compilation album, Japanese pop/rap star SKY-HI released a vibrant, R&B-inspired track titled “Sexual Healing” that speaks on the racy intimacy that arise between a man and a woman.

I was able to hear about SKY-HI and this track due to the production of “Sexual Healing’ being crafted by none other than Korean neo-soul artist Sameul Seo. Coincidentally enough, Samuel is one of my favorite artists and is well known in the Korean indie music scene to be a musical jack-of-all-trades, so I was pleasantly surprised to see his production credit on this track. I applaud SKY-HI’s inclusion of such a prominent figure in the Korean underground R&B/soul scene and can’t wait to hear more collaborations between the two artists on the way!

“Sexual Healing” is a fun listen with its easy-on-the-ears instrumental and hypnotic rhythms. Make sure to listen to SKY-HI’s upcoming album SKY-HI’s THE BEST -COLLABORATION BEST- on September 23rd!

Not only being a rapper, SKY-HI proves his worthiness as a dancer in this music video!