Hello Woozy World!

I hope your September is going well. I’ve officially started school this week and its already been a rollercoaster ride! I’m still getting adjusted to a sturdy sleep schedule and trying to move away from knocking out at 5/6 AM after playing League all night…

In this edition of OSB, I’ve highlighted some artists that seem to hang out to the bright summer sun that still shines down in the middle of September. These tracks are all bright, bubbly, and full of energy that would add such vivid pigments to your current playlists. Make sure to give them a listen!

Excited for autumn,

Jule - W - KKBOX

Whatt?! (feat. Ohiorabbit)”


Single, released September 14th

Genre: R&B/Soul

Whenever I discover a new artist through their debut track, I always feel little butterflies in my stomach thinking about all the possible ventures said artist will traverse throughout the upcoming career. In this case, the brand new musician I discovered this week is Jule, a Korean indie R&B vocalist whose voice and sound remind me of fellow artists george and Samuel Seo.

“Whatt?!” is a fun, campy song that perfectly embodies the bright emotion of summer freedom and relaxation. There are these cute little bubble synths running up and down throughout the entire song that adds to the track’s summery vibes. Alongside rapper Ohiorabbit’s clean-cut verse, Jule’s stud-like voice garners such attention with its airy inflections and effortless vocal runs, completing the song with a playful and honest performance. I’m definitely going to keep my tabs on Jule and look out for his debut album whenever it releases!

Choi Jungyoon - Dance with me baby - KKBOX

Dance With Me Baby

Choi Jungyoon

Single, released September 16th

Genre: R&B/Soul, Indie

Indie favorite Choi Jungyoon returns with the retro dance track “Dance With Me Baby” that reminisces the soft rock era that populated South Korea in the ’90s. Complete with vaporware synths that sing in the background, the track relays a transparent message of releasing pent-up stress and worries by sampling letting go and dancing with your heart.

Choi Jungyoon is a new artist that I discovered through her label Magic Strawberry Sound’s YouTube channel. The Korean indie label is home to many of my favorite artists and I knew right away that Jungyoon would snuggly add herself onto my list of favorite MSS musicians. I have yet t listen to the rest of her discography, but I’m excited to jump ears-first into it!

punchnello - fine! (cover art) | HiphopKR

“fine! (feat. Kid milli)


Single, released September 17th

Genre: Korean Hip-Hop/Rap

Korean hip-hop label AOMG’s newest signee punchnello has released his second single since his initiation with a playful, soft-trap track featuring Indigo Music’s Kid milli. The track is bursting with youthful vibrancy and laid-back energy and the rapper freely flows over a semi-fast instrumental focused around a soft guitar performance and completed with the hip-hop traditional 808 high-hat drums.

punchello has always stood out to me due to his insane adaptability and ability to straight rock any type of instrumental given to him. While “fine!” caters to the softer, uplifted vibes that he has displayed with songs like “us” and “Blue Hawaii,” punchnello has also shown off his angsty, harsher sound with songs like “Absinthe” and “Boiling Point.” Regardless of the genre and sound punchnello decides to take with, I’m always left amazed at his precise execution and delivery in his rap performance. I’m declaring “fine!” to be another hit from the rapper and I can’t wait to see what he does next with the support of his new label.