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Welcome to October, a month filled with spooks, scares, and… you guessed it, new music releases! I’m always excited to enter October because of the scary essence that it always brings into our lives every year. I’m still look forward to all of the spooky movies that I can rewatch and all the candy I can eat without reason, which makes me feel like a kid.

On another note, I’m already week 4 into my 8 weeklong quarter, meaning midterms are on its way! Wish me luck because studying from home is really draining a boy’s motivation and I’m already a week behind in lectures for two of my classes… Poggers!

Scared for midterms week,

jeebanoff - GOOD THING. (Remix) (album cover) | HiphopKR



Album, released September 29th

Genre: R&B/Soul

From the speakers in a lofi club basement to the late-night radio humming on your desk, goodtomeetyou’s Jeebanoff has been making a name for himself in the Korean R&B terrain. This week, the singer returned with a remixed version of his debut album GOOD THING, spicing up his already masterful hits with a fresh new cast of hand-selected artists, such as CHANGMO, Suran, g1nger, and more.

After listening to the remixed album, I found some personal favorites in the THAMA collaboration, “The Clouds,” and the Def. collaboration, “Callin’.” THAMA has been spotlighted many times in our OSB column and his smooth, aerial singing on “The Clouds” blended ever so naturally amongst Jeebanoff’s own vocal work. The instrumental is super laid back yet holds a definite groove to itself, with soft guitar work playing right at your heartstrings combined with hard-hitting drums setting the up-tempo of the song. The collaboration with Def., whose fans better know him as the leader of the K-pop craze boy band GOT7, continues the heart-melting R&B sound of GOOD THING with a buoyant harp-centered instrumental and Def.’s singing rap verse towards the latter-half of the track. With the harp taking such a central position in the instrumental, “Callin’ takes on a cheeky sense of sensuality and romance, only heightening the R&B tone of the project!

While this project was not new material from Jeebanoff himself, it was exciting to hear how he added in a versatile cast of artists into his debut project and hear how the collaborative chemistry elevated the tracks. GOOD THING (Remix) was a pleasant surprise release from the artist and a fun listen for me as a sturdy Jeebanoff fan. I’ll be going back and forth from the original GOOD THING and the remixed version as I wait for his second major project and other upcoming releases in the future.