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Hyukoh Releases Collaboration With AOMG Artist Sogumm | KpopStarz

“yayou hoi”

sogumm & OHHYUK

Single, released October 5th

Genre: R&B/Soul

OHHYUK, leader and vocalist of South Korean indie band HYUKOK, teams up with rising singer/songwriter sogumm for the new collaborative track, “yayou hoi.” A funky, electro-pop song that details the child-like fascination both artists have toward their partner, “yayaou hoi” is a bright and fresh take on a modern relationship in the 2020 era and is definitely a mood booster for its listeners.

When I heard about this collaboration days before its release, I was ecstatic to hear two of Korea’s most idiosyncratic voices come together on one track. The alternative/indie sound that both artists are are known for is definitely present in their vocal work and lyrics in “yayou hoi,” gifting their fans a taste of their wizardry in the genre. However, this fusion of funky pop and synth-heavy club electronic sound is a genre both artists have never dabbled in and their creative experimentation with this sound is evidently atmospheric and easy on the ears. In addition, the fun chemistry between both artists heightens the track’s buoyant energy and adds a whole new layer of vibrancy to the track.

I’ve been listening to this song nonstop since its release and its hypnotically groovy tone just inspires my body to break out into a dance. A fantastic, eccentric collaboration for both artists, “yayou hou” proves sogumm and OHHYUK’s ever avant-garde artistry and wit in their production and I can’t wait to hear more from both artists.

A fun music video of both sogumm and OHHYUK getting hypnotized!

for a long long time

for a long long time


Single, released October 7th

Genre: R&B/Soul, Jazz

kimparkjeje, a new solo vocalist who had his debut earlier this year, returns with his second single “for a long long time” under the music-distributing collective POCLANOS. A tender and dulcet love song, the single is the perfect romantic track for your autumn season.

This track is another great song I found through POCLANOS’s YouTube channel and I’m so glad I did. “for a long long time” gently rocks you in a rhythmic cradle made up of its soft drums and light synths that sing in the background. kimparkjeje’s mellow vocals on this track portray a lullaby-like tone and his honest lyrics asking his lover to be with him forever only adds to the track’s dreamy, romantic aura. It almost makes me feel like I’m riding atop a white cloud, drifting through a hazy blue sky.

If you’re looking for a soft and relaxing song to listen to while studying or grocery shopping, “for a long long time” is for you! Make sure to give this track a listen and check out kimparkjeje’s other single, “Taste.”