Hi Woozy! Hope this week was just as great as you ❤

Guys, I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve been trouble thinking of writing these intro notes. While I want to be cute and intimate through this series, I also want to put on my professional hat and make this series something I can add to my writing portfolio. However, this website started as a passion project between my friends and I, and with Woozy being a publication starting from the ground up, I never expected to see the rapid growth the mag has seen within the past couple of months. I initially thought of this series to be my own personal musical that only I would read (cause honestly, who expects a new publication to get readers right off the bat), but seeing the number of visitors go up every week, I’m now realizing how real and public this series is.

While the number of visitors on the site is no grand number by any means, it’s a tremendous height to me and on my team’s behalf, I really want to thank you for reading our pieces. Trying to act cool and smart for you guys is hard! But I’m learning to put down my ego and try and portray my raw thoughts through these intros, no matter how cheesy they may seem.

With that said, I’m always glad to see the website’s visitor number go up every time I post an OSB and I’m always thankful for you readers. Hopefully, this series is just as exciting and interesting to you as it is for me, and most importantly, I hope you are able to access new genres and artists you would have never thought you’d listen to through OSB. This week, no new music flew by my musical radar and particularly stood out, but I did want to highlight some songs that I did enjoy throughout the week. These tracks weren’t released this week, but I still want to leave you guys with some tracks I ended up finding this week!

Once again, thank you for showing love to Woozy and Our Sunday Best and I hope you’ll stick around for the upcoming weeks to see what the team and I have planned!

Agapé always,




Album, released in May 29th, 2020

Genre: Alternative Pop, Pansori

A zany yet brilliant blend of the past and future, Sugungga is the debut album from the rising sensation LEENALCHI. The band has crafted a never-heard-before genre of Korean music by mixing in modern electro/industrial and experimental pop with a traditional style of Korean singing that holds centuries of history: Pansori. This album will have you simultaneously grimacing, scratching your head, and moving your body to the insane grooviness of this project. Molding the centuries-old art of Pansori into a modern 21st-century sound, Sugungga is a fun and exhilarating listen that I think you definitely should check out!

A fun visualizer that features the track “Tiger is Coming” from Sugungga!

Hyukoh (혁오) : 24 : How to find true love and happiness | Korean Indie

24: How To Find True Love and Happiness


EP, released in May 31st, 2018

Genre: Alternative Pop, Indie Rock

Being the sideline HYUKOH fan that I am, I wasn’t too surprised to find out that I missed a whole project release from the Korean indie band. I am, though, disappointed in myself that I didn’t come upon 24: How To Find True Love and Happiness sooner. Filled with noise-heavy rock bangers and moody, atmospheric indie tunes, this EP is exactly what a fan of the underground rock scene would look for.

The music video for 24‘s lead single “Love Ya!”

Ruby Red Release Captivating New EP 'Area of Affect' - Elicit Magazine

Area of Affect

Ruby Red

EP, released in June 26, 2020

Genre: Electronic Pop, Dance

A hazy and euphoric EP from the Swedish band Ruby Red, Area of Affect is the perfect listen for a restless teen looking to dance alone in the safety of their multicolor LED-lit bedroom. The synth-heavy project is full of angst, sensuality, and freedom that can only be found in a electro-pop project. Give this EP a listen if you want to host a self dance party and dance the night away!