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It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me with everything that has been going on around the world. I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and enjoy the beauty of the autumn season before it leaves. Winter is coming soon, which means I’ll be moving from my childhood home in Seattle to a humble, little apartment in Chicago where my friends have been waiting for me. Moving away from my mom and sister is always tough on the heart, but I’m excited for this new chapter of my life!

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Jung Jin Woo (정진우) - My Original Sound Track Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

My Original Sound Track

Jung Jin Woo

EP, released November 2nd

Genre: Contemporary R&B/Soul, Indie

Planetarium Records’ Jung Jin Woo returns with My Original Sound Track, his second EP since 2016’s In My Room. A smooth R&B-centralized project that resonates with Jung’s quirky, experimental R&B sound, this EP is a solid release that solidifies the singer’s knack for creating suave tracks that practically melt in your ears. The project features lively collaborations with his fellow labelmates JUNE, Gaho, and Moti; VMC Records’ rapper Rohann; and a handful of solo tracks.

From this EP, the projects’s closer, respectively titled “Outro,” is my personal highlight that I thoroughly enjoyed. The raw, electrifying vocal performance from Jung alongside his honest lyrics of wanting nothing more than being able to make music sounds both victorious and somber, like being able to stand on top of a mountain and being able to see all the losses you had to endure to get where you are. The repeated chorus of Jung vulnerably singing “This is my outro” almost pleads to its audience to reflect on themselves and look back to the long and tumultuous road that shaped who they are today.

While not a groundbreaking banger of a release nor a drastic shift from his typical sound, My Original Sound Track is very much still a substantial project from Jung Jin Woo and provides another insight into his excellent experimentations within the indie R&B genre. The EP takes what the Korean singer does best and runs with it, leaving me leaning in to hear what sounds and styles Jung with play around with next. With his upcoming album, I hope to hear Jung Jin Woo continue the reign of his multi-faceted skills as a musician and provide an even greater full length than its predecessor.