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The first quarter of my sophomore year is finally coming to a close: the light at the end of the tunnel is real and I can see it! I can literally feel myself falling apart trying to make do with all these final assignments and quizzes, but the fact that I only have three more weeks is keeping me going. Here’s to all the rest of the students trying to study at home while their mom is slamming dishes downstairs.  🎉 🎉 🎉

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Single, released November 20th

Genre: Indie/Alternative, Singer/Songwriter

Korean band cotoba releases their latest single “Orangette” after the release of their second EP Names of the Season earlier this year. The track comes in the form of two versions: one sung in Korean and the other in Japanese.

A soft indie-rock song complete with a live band playing guitar, bass, and drums, “Orangette” is a moody track that radiates sensibility and sorrow. The lead singer DyoN Joo sings about her dismal fascination with life’s complexities and the cavernous weight it places on her mind. The heart-stinging lyrics combined with the acoustic jam session by the rest of the band builds a wallowing sadness that can be felt throughout the entire song. Would definitely add some flavor to your alt teenage simp playlist you made in your freshman year of high school! (But also, please don’t be that fucking kid)

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Ahn Dayoung

Album, released November 20th

Genre: Contemporary Rock, Indie/Alternative

Ahn Dayoung makes her grand debut with her first studio album ANTIHERO where she tackles the alternative rock genre with electrifying vocal performances and visionary lyrics. Dayoung creates a perfectly atmospheric and euphoric sound throughout this project that has just the right amount of alt-rock angst.

When talking about ANTIHERO, Ahn Dayoung had this to say on the album’s Poclanos page:

The album ANTIHERO reaches the same destination as the answer to the infamous inquiry, “What am I?” The gathering of previously recorded songs that eventually created into this album tells the humane story of Ahn Dayoung and the humans she has encountered thus far in this world.

Translated from http://poclanos.com/station/antihero/?ckattempt=1

A vibrant and dynamic release, ANTIHERO should be celebrated for its idiosyncratic sound and prolific artistry throughout its entirety. Her indie personality is completely translated through her music and the album’s occasional alt-pop makes it enjoyable to listen to, even to the most rigid audience.

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